The Company

Lulumco inc. is a Eastern SPF sawmill that as been in the lumber business since 1892. The company as one sawmill, a planner mill and four kilns on site.

Our story

At the beginning, the sawmill was located at the top of the waterfall of the Neigette River. In the early 1900, the sawmill operated only a few months every year because of the river, which was the only way to transport the logs. 
Founded in 1892, Lulumco Inc. is a leader in the management and utilization of softwood forest resources. The Company, located in Luceville, Québec, relies on modern technology and quality labor to manufacture lumber products that are in high demand throughout the North American market.

The team

Administration and sales
Yves St-Laurent, Financial Manager
Yoland O'Connor, Sales manager
Richard Fortin, Forestry Manager
Christian Bujold, Mill Manager

Katy Beaulieu, Private logs Purchasing
Phone : (418)-739-4881

Fax : (418)-739-3962


Félix Morneau Forestry Ingineer
Marco Gamache, Forestry technician
Jessica Sirois, Administrative assistant
David Gosselin, Forestry technician

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